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IDRV Glamis Trip New Years 1/11
16 Photos, Last Updated On: January 20, 2012

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The second Camel Patch. I think we missed the hole on the first one. Still can't figure out who drew that damn chalk circle...
Flat tire in the morning. Time for a patch before the next ride.
New Years Eve ride.
Garrett and Jake in the Wii Dance Off Contest.

Holly and Erica bustin a move.
Eric, Steve and Jack. These guys really know how to dance...
Scott and Heidi were the ultimate points winners.
Get it Gary...

The midnight dessert bar.
Now that's an Idaho hat if I ever saw one...
Christmas tree smoke.
The official IDRV Beer Pong Table in action.

Mike and Eric.
Pics from the roof. Almost midnight.
Roof pic #2.

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