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2012 Opening Weekend
26 Photos, Last Updated On: April 2, 2012

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I think Mike and Ryan have that St. Anthony "Big Dune" smile on their faces...
Yea buddy! Anyone want to guess by the jacket where these clowns are from... Love it Jones...
Just checking the mud flaps. Standard test cycle for new equipment...
Does that thing have an outboard?

Campground filling up on opening weekend 2012.
Couldn't ask for better weather.
Nice formation...
Hold on tight Mikey!

As good as it gets in the dunes today.
Nice run Nate!

There is a perfectly good excuse for the black streak on Ryan's forehead...
Another RZR 4 seater playing in the dunes.

Is that black spec a 4 seat RZR?
Sand blasted...

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